Monday, April 21, 2008

A Mom and Me Weekend

This weekend was so much fun. I got the chance to hang out with my mom all weekend. Now for some, that may not sound like alot of fun, but for me, it totally is. My awards ceremony for school was on Sunday night and I mentioned once that she should come in for it and just hang out for the weekend. So, she did. All day Saturday we shopped for graduation dresses. She is the one that will be walking me or whatever they call it. I decided since my dad gets to walk me down the aisle, I would give my mom this opportunity. We shopped all over Lubbock and were exhuasted by the end of the day. I'm not used to that much activity on a Saturday and my mom isn't used to that much walking. It was so much fun though. Sunday we went to my dad's old church and hung out that afternoon. She was there to take pictures and congratualate me at the awards banquet so that was nice. Then she got to spend some quality time with the boy. Overall, it was a wonderful weekend. It just reminded me how blessed I was to have an amazing mother that can balance being my friend and mom all at the same time. Its not easy to do. Of course, we missed the rest of the family, but I cherished the time with my mom.

The countdown to graduation is at 12 days!!! DAYS!!! I can not believe I am merely days away from graduating. I only have one presentation and one final left. Then I'm off. Don't ask me to what, but I am done. I have run into another stressful situation with my car. It has come to the end of its time, but I must say my camaro has been good to me. Besides the speeding tickets I get b/c I drive a sports car. I must buy a new car, but the monetary means are not quite there, so I'm going to try to find a new, cheap, reliable car and not worry about it. I'm good at worrying about things, but I'm going to try and let God take this one.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Countdown til Graduation: 4 weeks!!!

I can not believe my college career will be over in four short weeks. It has gone by so incredible fast and I honestly don't want it to end. I love my apartment, I love my roommates that have become my family, I love college life and I know I'm going to miss it all so much. I'm trying to take in every minute I can, but I might fall apart if I do that. I have 5 big projects to do in these next four weeks so I'm struggling to let go of all the social stuff to get my school work done. Classes have always gotten in the way of my social life, but somehow I manage.

One of the biggest projects I am working on to graduate with honors is on the Patriot Act. My thesis is "Has the war on terrorism become a war on our civil liberities?" What are your thoughts? It has been quite interesting as I have done my research. I have learned alot that I was not aware of and I'm not sure alot of people are. It is surprising how much power the government actually has and how little we know. Kinda scary!!!

Last week was our spring break and I went with a group of 17 to Chicago. We had so much fun and it was a great experience. All of us grew closer together like a family since we had to share a small apartment with only one bathroom. That was really interesting. We got to see and experience alot of neat things like the green river for St. Patricks, Obama's church on Palm Sunday, a minninite community and alot of South Chicago. I have tons of stories, but you can ask me about them if you really want to know. I am going to miss opportunities like that, because when you are grown up you don't get to go on trips like that, much less have a spring break.

I guess that is about all for now. Have a wonderful day!!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

The luckiest girl

There are several reasons why I am a lucky or blessed girl. I have everything I need and want, an amazing family, awesome friends, a great job, a place to live, several opportunities... I could go on forever probably, but I want to take this time to tell you how lucky I am to have found a guy that defines love for me in a whole new way. I have said "i love you" to my family, friends and two other guys that I thought I loved and I'm sure I did at one point, but not the love that God intended me to have for the rest of my life.

Landon entered my life when I was least expecting it. Getting out of a serious, long relationship with some baggage, I wasn't looking to jump into anything else anytime soon. I had known him for a while after meeting him my first week of my freshman year. He was the hot upper classman that I flirted with from time to time, but God wasn't ready for me to be with him just yet. I think he wanted me to experience life a little more and learn some more lessons. He's pretty smart, because without that, I don't think I would appreciate the person he is as much as I do now.

After much talking back and forth and knowing he was interested in me, we finally went on our first date. I found out later that he cut his vacation time short just to have the opportunity to take me out. How sweet! I remember sitting in the theatre of the movie he took me to thinking, am I really ready to start all over again...and apparently I was.

It has been seven months now that we have been together and it has flown by. I have enjoyed every second I have spent with him and seeing how our relationship has grown and changed. We have both been through alot in our pasts that has helped us love and appreciate each other that much more. He is so much fun to be with and a perfect balance to my personality. I could not thank God enough for putting him in my life. I can hardly wait to see what the future holds for us.

Sorry if that was a little long. He is one of my favorite subjects to talk about. Lol!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Here's to Brodee

For those of you who don't know, Brodee is my adorable new baby nephew. He is the cutest baby I have ever seen and I am not biased at all. It was so fun to see him smile, make little noises and roll over. I think the rolling over part was my favorite because he would roll onto his tummy and then get stuck there. I'm not sure if I will make that great of a mom because I just laughed when he was crying to turn back over. It was the cutest thing, but I felt kinda bad. He also loved to look at Landon which was cute. We had fun spending time with him, Neena and Josh of course. We got to go to alot of fun restaurants, shop, and go to their new church. Everyone seemed really nice and I think it will be a great place for Josh, Neena and Brodee.

Friday night when we were there, Josh let me go into Brodee's room to watch him sleep. It was probably the most precious thing I had ever seen. Later when I was laying in bed, I started thinking about this cute little boy that has entered my life. It is crazy to think that Neena and Josh have a baby now, but let me just say that they are both doing a wonderful job at being parents. Who would have thought that Neena, the one who was scared of babies, would be such a great mom, but she is AMAZING! I love watching her with Brodee and how much she loves him and how he knows that is his mommy. There is such a sweet connection between a mom and her child.

I also thought about him growing up and the several stages he will go through. From walking and talking, to elementray school, being scared of girls, the awkward middle school years, playing sports, high school and him being the stud that I know he will grow up to be (look at his parents!), dating, and college. I am so excited to see him on this journey and I hope I can be a positive influence in his life and of course the cool aunt. The one that lets him do things his parents won't.

I love you Brodee and pray for you daily. God has blessed you with tons of people that love you so much already. I pray that your life is filled with excitement and adventure, but that you always keep God first. I miss you and can't wait to see that beautiful smile!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Oh to thee my Lubbock Christian...

Today is one of my favorite days of the week. For those of you who are out of college I will take you back in time to one of the greatest moments in life. Thursdays are club day. You wear your shirts, go out to lunch with all the girls, play intermurals together, go to meeting and then have girls night afterwards. It is so much fun and its like you can't get enough. I also have a good amount of free time on Thursdays so I get to hang out in the SUB. One of the places I will miss the most when I graduate. Sadly, when I think about it, I only have 9 more weeks of club day fun day. Although it sounds a lil silly, this has been one of the biggest blessings in my life. I could not have prayed for better friendships. It is amazing how God knows exactly what you need in life. We always have prayer time at the end of meeting and it breaks my heart to see the hurt and pain we are all going through. I have to fight back tears every week, but then God also uses this time to reveal how he works in mysterious ways. How great is he!!! Just wanted to fill you in on one of the lil joys in my life. I hope God puts things like that in your life, that makes the journey that much more fun.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A day in the life of Kecia...I know how exciting!!!

I'm so excited about my first official post. I hope this thing isn't too boring. Not alot has been going on lately except for school. I have a huge honors senior thesis project I am working on. My topic is "Has the war on terrorism become a war on our civil rights?" Thoughts!?! Its crazy because I honestly never thought I would make it this far and be working on a thesis. That is for smart people... I have been practically living in the library this past week and even conquered the Tech library. That place is scary. Its like those libraries that people die in on scary movies. I'm hoping I don't ever have to go back there, but I don't think I have a choice.

I get to visit Brodee, Neena and Josh this weekend. I'm so excited!!! I have seen lots of pictures of Brodee and he grows so fast. I can't wait to see his precious smile and him rolling over. Apparently that is a big deal. I don't quite understand it, but I'm sure I will get there when I'm a mommy someday. I'm taking my boyfriend with me so he can have good bonding time with the family.

We have also been watching American Idol a whole lot which I love. Its a really great season and alot of amazing talent. Especially that David kid. Wow! Wish I could sing like that. I think if I could change one thing about me it would be to give me a voice. Oh well.

I guess that is about it. Hope everyone is doing well. Love!!!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Brand new

I have been reading other people's blogs for a while now and they are pretty interesting so I decided to get my own. It is a good way to keep up with what is going on in people's lives. I love writing and journaling and I thought this would be a fun new experience. So enjoy the update and I would love to hear from you.